Recertification: Frequent Questions and Answers

CMS (Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services)

ESRD Facilities: CMS Flexibilities to Fight Covid-19 (3/28/20)

Dialysis Patient Care Technician Certification: CMS is modifying the requirement at 494.140(e)(4) for patient care dialysis technicians which requires certification under a State certification program or a national commercially available certification program within 18 months of being hired as a dialysis patient care for newly employed dialysis patient care technicians. We are aware of the challenges that technicians are facing with the limited availability and closures of testing sites during the time of this crisis. CMS will allow patient care technicians to continue working even if they have not achieved certification within 18 months of hire or have not met on time renewals. Click for the full report.

How can I recertify?

There are 3 options for recertification:
  1. Obtain 40 CEUs with a minimum of 30 CEUs that quality for Group A.
  2. Take the BONENT exam and obtain a passing score.
  3. Use the One-time Waiver.
nnco recertification guidelines

Which CEUs are accepted?

BONENT will accept CEUs that are obtained from an accredited CEU provider.

Where can I find CEUs?

The BONENT website provides a calendar of events as well as “Where to find CEs.” You may also obtain CEUs online.

How can I use the One-time Waiver?

You must check the box next to “I wish to use my one time waiver (once in a lifetime)” on the Recertification Application.

Is there a fee to use the One-time Waiver?

There is no fee to use the One-time Waiver.

How should I categorize my contact hours?

  • Group A - Continuing education that focuses on nephrology
  • Group B - Continuing education that focuses on general health, customer service, CPR, health-related college courses.

Can I pay extra to expedite the process?

There is no option to expedite the recertification application process.

It has been 4-6 weeks since I submitted my recertification application and I have not heard from BONENT.

BONENT primarily communicates via email. If you have not received a message in your inbox, please check your Junk/SPAM folder.

It has been less than 12 months since my certification expiration date, how can I reinstate my certification?

Follow the steps below to reinstate your lapsed certification:
  • Pay the $100 Lapsed Certification Fee
  • Pay any outstanding Annual Certification Fees and
  • Submit 40 contact hours, or use the one-time Waiver, which allows you to automatically recertify without submitting contact hours.

It has been more than 12 months since my certification expiration date, how can I reinstate my certification?

Follow the steps below to reinstate your expired certification:
  • Submit 40 contact hours you obtained before your certification expired and
  • Pay the $200 Expired Certification Fee
  • You do not qualify to use the One-time Waiver.

If my certification has expired more than 12 months, do I qualify to use the one-time waiver?

If your certification expiration date is between January 1, 2010 and December 31, 2018 you qualify for the Amnesty Period and can use your one-time waiver.