Contact Hours/CEUs

Recertify by Earning 40 Contact Hours

To recertify using this option, you must get at least 40 contact hours during your 4-year certification.

  • At least 30 out of the 40 contact hours must qualify for Group A (Nephrology-based programs).
  • The balance can be in Group B (General Health).
  • You can obtain hours from CE websites, seminars, webinars, and other resources.
  • To use this option, check the box next to “Yes” on the Recertification Application.

Please read the bullet points under each group before listing your contact hours in the Recertification Booklet.

BONENT maintains final contact hour approval authority.

Description of Groups A and B Contact Hours

Group A:

Nephrology Programs
Kidneys & Kidney-related issues, Dialysis (machines, medicines, reuse, etc.)

Hours listed in this section must focus on nephrology.
  • Credit is given according to the number of contact hours listed on the certificate you receive from the program.

Group B:

General Health
General Health programs, CPR and Health-related college courses
This group includes or accepts continuing education programs designed for General Health Education.

  • Credit for these programs will be given according to the number of contact hours or continuing education units awarded to each program.
  • Accepted College Courses include:
    • Biology
    • Science
    • Nursing
    • Psychology

One semester credit hour equals fifteen (15) contact hours; one quarter credit hour equals ten (10) contact hours. To receive credit for college courses, candidates for recertification must provide an official transcript or other documentation indicating successful completion of each course.