Emeritus Membership

The following process is to be followed for Emeritus Membership in BONENT.

  1. RETIRED: Emeritus membership is open to any current or past member who has fully retired from their professional life in a remunerative capacity, including consulting services,
  2. # OF YEARS MEMBERSHIP: Has been a member of BONENT for at least 15 consecutive years.
  3. AGE: Be at least 60 years of age, Or…
          - DISABLED: A Regular Member who becomes disabled and is fully retired may apply for Emeritus status regardless of age.
  4. BOARD MEMBERS: Any former member of the Board who has served at least two consecutive three-year terms with distinction may be designated by the Board to be an Emeritus.
  5. PAST PRESIDENTS: Emeritus Member status will be automatically conferred upon Past Presidents.
  6. DUES: Members upon whom Emeritus Member status has been conferred will not be required to pay Annual Certification Dues and will receive such other benefits as the Board shall determine from time to time. Cost is $25/year.
  7. VOTING: Any Emeritus Member shall not be eligible to vote in elections, nor on any question put to the membership for a vote, nor to hold Office or member of the Board of Directors.
    1. Stay in contact with colleagues
    2. Stay abreast of activities
    3. Support representation and advocacy
    4. Participate in service opportunities
    5. Stay current in the field
  9. PROCESS: The member is to be nominated by someone else on a BONENT Emeritus Nomination Form, including a short writeup on the member’s accomplishments in the field of dialysis.
    The Board of Directors shall review the nominees at the annual fall board meeting, with the number of those accepted to vary each year, depending on the number and quality of applicants.