BONENT Certification Exam Via Computer Based Testing (CBT)


Taking the BONENT exam by Computer Based Testing (CBT) requires basic knowledge of how to use a computer. The exam covers the same material as the Paper & Pencil Exam (PPE). While taking the exam, candidates are able to skip questions, go back to a previous question and change answers.

Once we receive your CBT application, it will take approximately 4-6 weeks for the approval process. After your application is approved, you will receive a Confirmation Letter from BONENT containing pertinent registration information including your:

  • Unique username
  • Password

After you receive the Confirmation Letter, YOU will need to register online for a specific CBT date, location and time. Step-by-step Registration instructions will be itemized in the Confirmation Letter.

The availability of exam times depends on each location. Most CBT locations’ business hours are approximately 9am — 5pm daily and some are open on Saturday. Since the exam is 3 hours, they are given once or twice daily. You will be able to see each location’s address and availability during the process of scheduling your exam.

You will have to take the exam within 6 months of receiving your Confirmation Letter. If you do not take the exam within 6 months of receiving your Confirmation Letter, you will have to re-register for the exam at full price.

CBT Exam Locations List

The Computer-Based Testing (CBT) list of locations is updated weekly. Please check for updates to the list. Click here to access the CBT list of locations (will open in a separate window)

The CBT list of locations is completely different from the Paper & Pencil Exam (PPE) schedule.

Download Application Form

Click here to download the application form. There is no application submission deadline to take the exam via CBT.

CBT No-Show Reactivation

Candidates are responsible for scheduling their own CBT time, date and location. Failure to show up at the scheduled time, date and location results in forfeiture of the CBT exam fee. However, you may reactivate your username and password:

  • The fee to reactivate your CBT username and password is $125. This fee is non-refundable.
  • The CBT No-Show Reactivation Form must be submitted with payment to the BONENT Executive Office, postmarked or faxed, no more than 14 days after the missed exam.

Your original 6-month timeframe will still apply.

Special Circumstances (CBT)

In the event that a candidate CANNOT sit for a scheduled CBT examination due to:

  • Death of an immediate family member (mother, father, siblings, spouse, children)
  • Natural disaster (hurricane, earthquake)
  • Candidate’s illness or hospitalization
  • Jury duty
  • Military Deployment
  1. Affecting your 6 month deadline: The candidate will be able to reschedule another CBT exam date for no later than 60 days after the six month period has expired. See instructions below.
  2. Less than 5 days Before Exam: The candidate will be able to reschedule another CBT exam date. The original 6-month timeframe still applies. See instructions below.

Instructions (send requests to BONENT)

Official documentation (death certificate, doctor’s note, etc.) of the event must accompany the signed signed Reschedule Form with the $120 fee (by check, credit card, or money order). All requests for special circumstances must be submitted to BONENT Executive Office less than 7 days before the original scheduled exam date by:

  • Fax, or
  • Mail (postmarked less than 7 days)

Beyond this period, you will be required to re-register for the exam at full price.