Application & Deadlines

Candidates can chose between two exam methods by which to become BONENT certified:

ppePaper & Pencil Exam

Your original, signed application and examination fees (paid in full with application) must be received 45 days (60 days for international examinations) before the exam date. Applications received after the deadline date will NOT be accepted and will be returned, unprocessed.

cbtComputer Based Testing

(see locations list) There is no deadline to submit your original, signed application and examination fees (paid in full with application).

Click here to download the exam application. After opening the document on your computer, you can enter information directly on to the application before printing it. But, all signatures must be original, handwritten in blue or black ink.

Faxed or photocopied applications will NOT be accepted.

Expedited Application

You can choose to expedite your application by paying the $100 Expedited Fee plus the exam fee. An expedited application will be reviewed within 7 days of the received date. Only credit card payments or Money Orders will be accepted.

Incomplete Application
Applications submitted without signed reference letters, scholastic documentation (see Exam-Specific Documents Required below), license or any other information left blank on the application will be assessed an incomplete application fee.

Name Change
If the name on your high school diploma or nursing license does not match your current legal name, you must list your previous name(s) in the space provided on the application and provide court documentation (i.e. marriage certificate or name change application) for each name change.

Candidates will not receive a confirmation letter until BONENT Receives all application requirements and fees. NO exceptions will be made.


  1. Complete ALL sections of the application. Please type or print legibly in ink.
  2. You must sign and date the application form.
  3. Your immediate supervisor must sign and date the verification section of the application.
  4. Submit two signed and dated reference letters. Both letters MUST include your full legal name and verify: 1. Length of total nephrology experience (past and present). 2. Character 3. Job duties (job descriptions attached to reference letters will not be accepted). One letter must come from your immediate supervisor (the same person who signs the verification section of the application), the second from a professional in nephrology (physician, technician, nurse, or dietitian). Click here to download the Reference Letter form
  5. If you choose to pay by credit card, please complete the credit card payment information section of the application.
  6. PPE Applicants: Indicate the date and site of the examination that you wish to take.
  7. Mail the completed original, signed and dated application form, other paperwork as required and the examination fee to the BONENT Executive Office (do not send cash).
    BONENT Executive Office
    100 South Washington Street
    Rockville, MD 20850
    Faxed or photocopied applications will NOT be accepted
  8. Exam-Specific Documents Required:
    1. All Technician applicants or Water Specialist applicants (with 3 years of dialysis water experience): photocopy of your high school diploma or official high school transcript (with principal’s signature and/or school seal) and/or documentation of completion of post-high school education if applicable.
      • BioMed applicants: BioMedical (BM) dialysis training certificates.
      • Ohio CHT Applicants: Must submit Form C with this application.
    2. Nurse applicants: photocopy of your current, valid nursing license with the expiration date clearly visible.
      • LVN/LPN applicants: written verification of two years of experience in ESRD in a nursing capacity.
    3. Water Specialist applicants:
      • 1 year of dialysis water experience: photocopy of your Bachelors/baccalaureate degree or proof of current certification (BONENT: CHT/CHBT; NNCO: CCNT/CBNT; or NNCC: CCHT) or a healthcare credential (e.g., nursing, physician assistant, pharmacist)
      • 2 years of dialysis water experience: photocopy of your Associates degree or official college transcript.

cbtComputer Based Testing (CBT)

ppePaper & Pencil Exam (PPE) Exam Schedule

Contact the BONENT Executive Office at (202) 462-1252 if you have questions about the application process or the application deadline.


Official Board policy states that the BONENT Executive Office:

  • Can only speak to exam applicants regarding application details.
  • May not discuss any application with managers, supervisors educators, co-workers or family members.