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For Immediate Release: November 18, 2020


After long deliberation and thoughtful discussion, the NNCO Board of Directors has announced that, in the best interest of its certificants, it has agreed to a partnership with BONENT (Board of Nephrology Examiners Nursing Technology), effective January 1, 2021. This partnership will strengthen NNCO’s voice within the dialysis community through a common goal of certification for all dialysis professionals. BONENT has a 46-year history of certification for technicians, nurses and more recently with BioMeds.

With input and approval of the NNCO Board of Directors, NNCO determined that BONENT would be an excellent fit for its certificants. From the onset, BONENT, through its President RJ Picciano and Executive Director Peter Anas, showed that BONENT shared the same ideals, philosophy and mission as NNCO.

NNCO appreciates the loyalty that its certificants have shown to its certification programs over the years. The NNCO President Jo-Ann Maltais said that “the NNCO board has kept the best interest of our certificants in mind as we looked to the future - and know that you will be in good hands with BONENT. Through this change, two strong certification organizations will be combining to bring the best of the best to certified dialysis professionals, and by providing highly skilled and educated persons to the dialysis community and to dialysis patients.”

RJ Picciano, BONENT President, said “BONENT has enthusiastically agreed to accept all CCNT, CBNT, and CDWS certificants, as well as providing a path for their recertification. BONENT will add to its current four exams by offering the Dialysis Water Specialist (CDWS) certification based on the program currently set up by NNCO, but the acronym will change to Certified Hemodialysis Water Specialist (CHWS).”

BONENT has agreed to work with NNCO to transition all NNCO certificants and examination assets to BONENT and provide a pathway for current NNCO certificants to maintain their certification. For NNCO certificants certified before December 31, 2020, a one-time recertification based on the current NNCO recertification criteria will be honored by BONENT. This will expire in 2024 (or after the certificant’s next recertification). Recertification criteria thereafter, will move to BONENT guidelines.

The NNCO Board acknowledges the many years of faithful volunteer service of President Jo-Ann Maltais, and Vice President Vern Taaffe, as they have announced their retirement from NNCO effective December 31, 2020. As part of this asset transfer, several of the remaining NNCO board members have been asked by BONENT President RJ Picciano, to work with its board to ensure a smooth transition between the two groups and provide historical perspective regarding the two organizations.

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