Frequent Questions & Answers

CMS (Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services)

ESRD Facilities: CMS Flexibilities to Fight Covid-19 (3/28/20)

Dialysis Patient Care Technician Certification: CMS is modifying the requirement at 494.140(e)(4) for patient care dialysis technicians which requires certification under a State certification program or a national commercially available certification program within 18 months of being hired as a dialysis patient care for newly employed dialysis patient care technicians. We are aware of the challenges that technicians are facing with the limited availability and closures of testing sites during the time of this crisis. CMS will allow patient care technicians to continue working even if they have not achieved certification within 18 months of hire or have not met on time renewals. Click for the full report.

Exam & Application

How much does an exam cost?

The Paper and Pencil Exam (PPE) fee is $225.
The Computer Based Testing (CBT) fee is $250.

How long should I wait to hear from BONENT after I mail my application?

You will receive a response approximately 4 weeks after your application is received.

It has been 4-6 weeks since I submitted my exam application and I have not heard from BONENT.

BONENT primarily communicates via email. If you have not received a message in your inbox, please check your Junk/SPAM folder. You can also check your application status on the BONENT website.

Can I pay extra to expedite the process?

There is no option to expedite the exam application process.

Will you accept my high school diploma from another country?

Yes. Please submit a copy of the diploma and an official translation.

I have over 6 months of experience but I am not currently working in a facility. Can I apply to take the exam?

Yes. You must have your last supervisor complete, sign and date the Employment Verification section of the application. That person must also provide one of your reference letters. The second reference letter must come from another former co-worker.

Where can I take the certification exam and on what dates?

  • Exam locations and dates are listed on the PPE schedule. Your completed application and exam fee must be received before the deadline date.
  • There is no set CBT schedule. After receiving a confirmation letter, you must choose a CBT location. Based on the location’s availability, you must schedule a time and date to
    take the exam. Click here for a list of CBT locations.

How can I prepare for the exam?

There are three ways that you may prepare for the exam:
  1. Take the Practice Exam through the BONENT website (for CHT applicants only).
  2. The BONENT study guides provide an outline of the subject matter covered on each exam.
  3. We have compiled a list of suggested reading materials.

Are the CHT and CCHT the same?

No. The CCHT is not a BONENT exam.

What is a passing grade?

BONENT exam results are a scaled score. You must obtain a 70 scaled score to pass the exam.

How many times can I take the exam?

You may take the exam as many times as you need to. However, you must provide proof that you have completed 8 hours of nephrology continuing education after every 3rd attempt.


How long will my BONENT certification last?

BONENT certification lasts for 4 years.

How often do I have to pay the certification fee?

The BONENT Annual Certification Fee ($60) must be paid every year.

Can I pay the annual Certification fee online?

Yes. You can pay the annual fee via the “My Account” section on the BONENT website.

How can my employer verify my certification?

Your employer may verify your certification online via the “Verify a Certification” section, accessible via the navigation button in the top right corner of our website.

I’m moving to another state. Will BONENT be accepted there?

Yes. BONENT is an international organization. The BONENT certification is accepted in all states.

When am I due to recertify?

You must recertify every 4 years. Your current certification expiration date is listed on your BONENT certification wallet card. It is also listed on the Annual Certification Fee invoice that is mailed to you each year.

How can I review or change my contact information?

You can change your contact information via the “My Account” section on the BONENT website, accessed by checking the My Account navigation button located in the top right corner of our website.