Be proud of your BONENT certification. Choose from several items below with the BONENT name or logo. No tax and no shipping charges. Allow 3-4 weeks for order to be processed and delivery by US Postal System. Click photos to enlarge.

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How to Order

BONENT members can order online in the My ACCOUNT section.
OR click for an ORDER FORM to fax or mail.

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BONENT Badge/Key Holder (Retractable)

Badge/Key Holder (Retractable)

Never lose your keys or name badge again thanks to the BONENT Retractable Badge Holders. This ID clip features an extra strong neck cord that retracts into the plastic casing for easy storage!
Price: $3 each

BONENT Carabiners


Our anodized Carabiner is great for attaching keys and ID badges to your backpack, luggage or belt loop. It comes in blue with the word BONENT imprinted.
Price: $2.50 each

BONENT Certification Lapel Pins

Certification Pins

Now you can proudly display your certification status by wearing a beautifully crafted 10k gold lapel pin. Select from your area of certification (CHT, CHBT, CHN, or CPDN) and receive a pin that names your specialty.
Price: $25. BONENT Members Only. Click here for the pin order form



Our 12-ounce plastic stadium cup is great for holding ice-cold drinks and they’re stackable! (Limited quantity)
Price: $2.50 each, or 5 for $10

BONENT Desk Calendar

Desk Calendar 2019

A week-at-a-glance desk calendar with sturdy covers in BONENT blue (7″ x 10″) .
Price: $5 each

Duplicate Certificate

To receive a personalized, duplicate certificate, your Annual Certification Fees must be paid up-to-date.
Price: $30. BONENT Members Only. Click here for the certificate order form.

Duplicate Wallet Card

To receive a personalized, duplicate wallet card, your Annual Certification Fees must be paid up-to-date.
Price: $20. BONENT Members Only. Click here for the wallet card order form.

BONENT Flashlight


Light up the car door or anything else and attach your keys to a BONENT flashlight. (Limited quantity)
Price: $3 each.

BONENT Highlighter


Assorted colors (yellow, pink and blue) with the name BONENT imprinted.
Price: $5 for package of 5

BONENT Luggage Tag

Luggage Tag

This PVC fold-through luggage tag attaches securely to your bag in moments. Includes an identification card to help lost luggage find its way home and with the name BONENT imprinted.
Price: $2

BONENT Memo Holder/Clip (Magnetic)

Memo Holder/Clip (Magnetic)

The heavy-duty Magnetic Memo Holder/Clip, with a spring-loaded hinge, provides enough pressure to keep papers and other important tidbits in place, and the strong magnet on the back will stick to any metal surface without an issue.
Price: $3 each



Enjoy this sleek pen, designed to fit your hand easily with a rubber grip for a comfortable writing experience, in BONENT blue!
Price: $10 for package of 10

BONENT Pocket Knife

Pocket Knife

Enjoy this pocket knife, including scissors, small blade, and nail file, in BONENT blue! (Limited quantity)
Price: $3 each

BONENT Polo Shirt

Polo Shirt

Be proud of your BONENT membership by wearing a powder blue, 100% cotton polo shirt, with an embroidered BONENT logo. Polo: Sizes L, XL, 2XL (Limited quantity)
Price: $25 each

BONENT Pocket Screwdriver

Pocket Screwdriver

This quality screwdriver is made of a strong eco-friendly plastic and features a fixed regular blade, handy pockete clip and button top in blue with BONENT name imprinted.
Price: $3 each

BONENT Tape Measure

Tape Measure

When you’re looking for a proper way to measure twice and cut once, this custom tape measure is 5 feet long. Perfect for use around the house, with the BONENT logo (Limited quantity)
Price: $3 each