NNCO Certificants Recertification Guidelines

Application Deadlines

In order to be acceptable, applications must be postmarked no later than the deadline specified for the expiration month on your reminder letter. If you wish to receive your new certificate prior to your expiration date, then you must submit your application one month prior to your expiration date. For example, an expiration date of 1/31 would require that BONENT receive your application by 12/31.

Qualification Criteria

To apply for recertification through continuing education, 30 contact hours (CH) related to the practice of nephrology technology must be submitted for consideration. A maximum of 15 CH may be from employment in the nephrology business network. All CH must have been completed during the four years prior to the candidate’s certification renewal date and may be accumulated in any combination of the following:

  1. CONTINUING EDUCATION PROGRAMS. These may include workshops, seminars, professional development offerings, home-study courses, and local, regional, state or national conferences. The CH provider/sponsor must be identified sufficiently to allow a reviewer to recognize the organization. Use state abbreviations, names of nursing organization, names of hospitals, colleges, etc.
  2. EMPLOYMENT. Each year of employment in the nephrology business network will be considered as 3.75 contact hours. A maximum of 15 contact hours will be eligible.
  3. ONLINE PRACTICE TEST. Take the BONENT CHT Online Practice Exam and submit a copy of the Test Completion Report. Go to https://bonent.org/practice-test-cht/ for information about the practice exam. Completion of the Online Practice Exam will be considered as 2 contact hours.
  4. WRITING TEST QUESTIONS. Write and submit with your Recertification Application multiple-choice test questions appropriate for the BONENT Certification Examinations. Submission of 5 test questions will be considered as 2 contact hours. Submission of 10 test questions will be considered as 4 contact hours. A maximum of 4 contact hours will be allowed for the submission of test questions.

All CH information must be listed on the Application for Recertification and must include date, program title, CH provider or sponsor, and number of CH awarded. It will take approximately 5-6 weeks to process your recertification, after BONENT receives your paperwork and payment. If criteria are deemed fulfilled, you will receive a new BONENT ID number and all BONENT requirements will apply to your certification.

Applications for Recertification must be postmarked prior to the deadlines specified for the expiration months shown above.

Recertification may be denied for failure to meet the criteria of 30 CH, falsification or misrepresentation of CH information, failure to apply before the deadline, or failure to verify CH information when proper documentation is requested. All applications are subject to potential audit. Applications will be randomly selected for audit. Copies of certificates will be requested. Selection of Applications for audit will be made upon their receipt, and the candidate will receive written notice of the audit at that time. It is suggested that all CH material be retained for at least one year after recertification.

Any candidate who fails to achieve recertification by CH will be allowed to take the BONENT exam to recertify. Certification does not lapse until the examination results are determined. Once certification has lapsed or if a candidate does not meet CH renewal requirements or fails the examination, the candidate must start the certification process from the beginning by meeting current BONENT eligibility requirements.

Click here to download and print the NNCO Recertification Application

Mail the completed, signed and dated application with documentation of CH to:

100 South Washington Street
Rockville, MD 20850

NOTE: Unsigned applications will not be accepted.


The recertification application fee for NNCO Certificants is $160.00.

Payment options include:

  • Personal Check or Money Order - make payable to BONENT and mail to the BONENT Executive Office (100 South Washington Street, Rockville, MD 20850).
  • Credit Card - Click here to print the BONENT Credit Card Charge Form. Complete the form and fax to the BONENT Executive Office (202.463.1257).
    • Note: There will be no refunds of recertification application fees.