Certified Hemodialysis Technologist/Technician (CHT)

Examination Content

The BONENT Certified Hemodialysis Technologist/Technician examination measures technical proficiency in certain skills and general areas of knowledge. The examination tests the following five major domains of practice and tasks performed in the scope of hemodialysis technology:



Patient Care


Machine Technology


Water Treatment


Infection Control


Education and Professional Development




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The examination has a three-hour time limit and consists of 150 multiple-choice questions.


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ESRD Federal Regulations

The new ESRD Rules & Regulations approved by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) published with comments in the Federal Register (4-15-08).

Here is the exact wording related to the timeline for Dialysis Technicians to have certification:

Patient care dialysis technicians (must) be certified under a state certification program or a national commercially available certification program as follows:

  • Newly-employed patient care technicians(must be certified) within 18 months of being hired as a dialysis patient care technician.If a newly hired PCT stops working before they have 18 months of experience, they can start working at another facility but the experience from their first job will be added to their new job. For example: A PCT works in Facility “A” for 7 months. Then, he/she has to move to another state. Once Facility “B” hires this person, he/she will have 11 months to become certified.

State Mandates for Certification

In addition to the Federal requirement for certification, some states may require state certification for technologists/technicians who perform certain patient care procedures. It is incumbent upon all applicants to familiarize themselves with any state licensure requirements for the state in which they intend to be certified. For instance, Ohio certification requires that all applicants have completed six months of patient care prior to the administration of the examination. Other states may have similar requirements.

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A Paper & Pencil Exam (PPE) Exam Schedule


A Computer Based Testing (CBT) Exam Schedule

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