President’s Message: Winter 2015

February, 2015

We’re Continuing to Improve.
Get Involved!

Tell Your Bio-Med Technicians to Take the New CHBT Exam

We finally have kicked our newest exam, the Certified Hemodialysis Bio-Medical Technologist (CHBT). The first administration of the exam was held in February in Ohio. We have set the passing point for the exam and we now have our first BONENT certified CHBT’s. The CHBT is not computer-based yet. So, if someone wants to take it, they need to sign up for one the paper/pencil sites listed on the website.

So, everybody get out there and spread word. Tell your Bio-Med staff it is time to sign up, take the exam and get their CHBT!

It’s Time to

Our Nurse
Colleagues to
Get Certified!

Is Your RN Dialysis-Certified?

While you at it, tell the RN’s that for them to get certified! PCT’s are required to be certified, but the nurses who supervise them aren’t. We don’t want anyone who is not certified to be involved in taking care of our patients. BONENT has the CHN and the CPDN for the nurses.

CHN and CPDN Exams to be Updated

We are updating the CHN and the CHT exams this year. So, if you hold one these certifications, we are looking for members to be on the committees to revise these exams. If you are interested in being part of this, contact the exam committee chair, Lyle Smith, at

Plan to Attend a Regional Seminar

We have a great group of BONENT Regional Education Seminars lined up for 2015 (see the ad on page 3).

The first seminar, the Mid-West Seminar, is being co-hosted by ESRD Network 9/10 on Sunday, June 7th in Indianapolis (see the ad on page 4). This is going to be our best seminar so far and we are limited to 200 participants by the space. So, sign up early at the lower rate and guarantee yourself a seat!

The next 2 BONENT Regional Education Seminars will be in New York City (August 16, 2015) and Miami (September 27, 2015). Watch the website for more details.

Join our CE Committee

We are looking for a few local members to be part of the organizing committee for the last 2 seminars. If you are interested in being part of this, contact the Continuing Education Director, Lyle Smith, at

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