President’s Message: Summer 2013

Summer 2013

We’re Continuing Our Push on Continuing Education for You & More!

It’s amazing - we’re into another year!! There are so many things going on with BONENT that we almost cannot see the days and weeks go by.

Continuing Education 2013 - Orlando, Cleveland and Newark

We just held our second BONENT Regional Education Seminar in Orlando. The reviews by everyone that attended were excellent - wonderful speakers; topics to keep you up-to-date; reminders of things that get lost in day to day practice; great hotel for the meeting (it even had a large shopping mall attached).

There are 2 additional BONENT Regional Education Seminar planned for 2013. The first is going to be Cleveland, OH on April 7, 2013. Take a look on page 3 and on the BONENT website for details including speakers, hotel and registration. The second is going to be in Newark, NJ (across the river from NYC) on August 18, 2013. Watch the BONENT website for updates on this one.

There is a webinar on the BONENT website available for you to get Group A recertification credit with more to come.

If you have presentations that you want to offer to your fellow BONENT members, forward them to the Continuing Education Programs Committee through their Chair at

Recertification - Helping You in Group A

We have heard how difficult it is to get group A credit to recertify. In order to help with this, we have started placing webinars on the BONENT website and we will be placing more. These will count toward group A! Secondly, I would like to announce a change, that came from what we heard Orlando. We will from today accept online credits from the NKF website at

Examinations - CHN, CHT Spanish & Bio-Med!

This is what BONENT is all about! Certifying the best professionals in dialysis in the World! This year we are updating the Certified Hemodialysis Nurse (CHN) exam this year. Paulette Sheeley CHN and treasurer of the BONENT Board will be chairing this update. Any RN’s or LPN’s interested in helping in this process please contact Paulette at

We are in the process of translating the certified hemodialysis technician (CHT) exam into Spanish to meet the needs of Spanish speaking technicians throughout the US and the World. This should be completed in the next few months.

Finally, we have started the long awaited Bio-Med Exam. We have been gathering job descriptions, evaluation tools and training materials from every source we could find. Our testing company, has been going through this information and collating it for a group of subject matter experts that are going to meet next month to come up with a draft outline for the Bio-Med exam. Watch the BONENT website for further developments.

Planning for a big 2014

So, as I said, BONENT is busy and on the move. Next year, 2014, is BONENT’s 40th Anniversary. You will see more about this in future Updates. We are planning to make this the best year for BONENT ever. As always, BONENT belongs to you the

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