President’s Message: Summer 2018

May, 2018

What do you get out of being BONENT certified?

I am going to devote my Presidential Letter to how BONENT can serve you, the certified members. So, what do you get out of being BONENT certified?

  • As a PCT, you are qualified to work in any State in the US, including California;
  • You have the professional respect that comes from having passed the most extensive exam for your specialty (PCT, Hemo RN, PD RN);
  • As a PCT, you can take the only dialysis exam offered in Spanish;
  • As a Dialysis Bio-Med Technician, you have passed the most up-to-date exam in your field;
  • You are part of group of over 7000 of the best nurses and technician across the world including Australia, Canada and 7 other countries;
  • Your patients can be assured they are being taken care of by one of best dialysis professionals in the world;
  • You can be part of driving your profession to evolve into its best future.

So, how else can you be involved in BONENT?

  • BONENT holds 3-4 Regional Education Seminars that are among the best 1-day education program available for dialysis. Consider attending, get 8 CEs and meet dialysis colleagues from around the country!
  • You can become a BONENT Regional Representative for your area. Check our website for our current list.
  • You can become a member of one of BONENT Committees (the most active are education, examination and legislative).
  • You can join an ad hoc committee to help update the BONENT Exams. We presently need CHT’s and CHN’s - contact Lyle Smith at if you want be part of this.

Here’s a reminder of our Mission, Vision & Values

Mission: To promote excellence in nursing and technology globally through credentialing exams that enhance the care of patients with kidney disease.

Vision: All nurses and technicians working in the field of nephrology will be BONENT certified.


  • Collaborate: BONENT will collaborate with its certified members to create and foster a culture of excellence and innovation in their dialysis work environment.
  • Integrity: BONENT will conduct its administrative, testing and business affairs by upholding the highest ethical values, principles and security.
  • Excellence: BONENT will continually strive to produce and enhance its credentialing exams that are the highest regarded in nephrology.

I hope everyone has a great Spring!

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