President’s Message: Spring 2014

May, 2014

2014 Celebration of BONENT 40th Anniversary Continues

Recent Highlights of our Anniversary Year

  • Special celebration at the NANT Conference in Las Vegas, including sponsorship of the conference bags with the BONENT 40th Anniversary logo (see page 3 for photos);
  • A booth in the NKF Spring Clinical Conference exhibit hall and NKF recognition of the 40 years of BONENT and 35 Renal Physicians Association;
  • Read Part 2 of the BONENT history on page 4.

Northeast Seminar a Hit!

The best BONENT Regional Education Seminar so far was held in Newark NJ. The highlight of the day was David Rush, hop-hop artist, turned short daily HHD patient, turned transplant patient. He was sponsored by our friends at NXStage. His message was “You can change the World” for your patients by letting them know their options and helping them choose which option fits their life. In-Center HD 3 days per week is not for everyone. Nurses and PCT’s are the people that can “Change the World” for patients that want out of the clinic routine. It is up to all dialysis professionals to do this for our patients, not just the home-training staff, not just the social worker, not just the Nephrologist, but everyone (see page 1 for more information).

President’s Award

The President’s Award for 2014 goes to John Larsen, CHT for all of his work to make BONENT Regional Education Seminars successful, along with his assistance with the new Certified Hemodialysis Bio-Medical (CHBT) exam.

Two More Seminars in 2014

There are 2 more BONENT Regional Education Seminars this year - in Chicago on July 13 and in Houston on September 28. These seminars have all been great and everyone that has attended thought they were the best education opportunity they had ever had. See the reviews of the Northeast Regional Education Seminar on the BONENT website. We are planning to have to have more Regional Education Seminars in 2015. We can use ideas for topics.

New Exams Progressing - BioMed & Spanish CHT

Our 2 new tests are progressing through their development. The Certified Hemodialysis Bio-Medical exam is nearing completion and will be ready for administration in September 2014. The Spanish language CHT has been translated and is now going through the validation process to make sure the Spanish version asks the same thing as the English version. This will be available in early 2015.

Want to Help Updating our CHN Exam?

We are, currently updating the CHN exam. If you are interested in assisting in this process, email the exam chair at

Update Your Profile Online

Recently we added some new categories to our membership database. This will help us understand more about our members, including education and type of employment. Since your information is available to you online through our website (see My Info section in top right corner of, please visit the site and update your information.

Ask Your Colleagues to Become BONENT-Certified

Finally, as part of the 40th Anniversary of BONENT, we want all BONENT members to encourage their colleagues to become BONENT certified, especially NURSES.

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