President’s Message: Fall 2016

Fall, 2016

Improving the Professionalism of Your Dialysis Facility

I keep hearing from our members asking:
“Why should I maintain my certification?”

The reasons are the same as before certification was required. You want to show everyone that you are a professional and that you have current knowledge of your profession. Dialysis patients deserve the peace of mind that professionals that are taking care of them know what they are doing and truly are concerned about their patients.

The best way to show this, is by being certified by the “Premier International Organization for Certifying Dialysis Professionals.” That is BONENT! So, do your continuing education, stay current and recertify when the time comes. If you are having problems finding continuing education opportunities, check the CE Calendar page on the website or email the chair of the BONENT CE Program at for suggestions. Do it for your patients!

It’s Time for Everyone to Get Certified:
Nurses, Clinical Managers, Facility Administrators & Bio-Med Tech’s

Now that patient care technicians need to be certified because of Medicare Conditions for Coverage, it is time that we encourage the other professionals we work with to step up and get certified!

have them take our exams

That’s right, talk with the charge nurse that you work with and talk to your Clinical Manager or Facility Administrator. Challenge them to get certified. Suggest that they take the BONENT CHN or CPDN! If you need to be certified, the professionals that manage your practice also need to be certified!

BONENT now has a certification for the Bio-Med Technicians who take care of our machines and ensure that they’re safe for us to use. They, most of all, need to be certified. Tell them how to sign up for the CHBT.

CHBT Exam Now Available by Computer Based Testing (CBT)

After going through analysis of our new CHBT exam over the last year, it has now been programmed to be made available at a computer site. So, tell your Bio-Med Tech’s that they can sign up and take the exam any time they want at one of the many Computer Based Testing (CBT) sites around the world. They can also sign up to take it at any of the paper & pencil sites. Look at the BONENT website for a list of up locations.

2017 BONENT Regional Seminar Locations Identified

plan to attend seminars

BONENT has decided to do 4 Regional Education Seminars in 2017. They will each be on a Sunday and offer 8 CE’s:

Each of these will have a paper/pencil exam the day before on Saturday.

Watch for more details on the website as they become available. We are still in the planning process for these seminars, so your suggestions on topics and speakers are welcome! Send them to Lyle Smith at

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