Celebrating Our 45th Anniversary & More!

In April 1974, an independent testing body in nephrology was established - BONENT - the Board of Nephrology Examiners Nursing Technology.

45 years later, over 25,000 dialysis nurses and technicians have taken a BONENT exam. Today, over 7,000 are currently certified in the United States and 12 other countries worldwide and growing.

Over those 45 years BONENT has evolved to include 4 credentials in dialysis:

  • CHT: Certified Hemodialysis Technologist
  • CHBT: Certified Hemodialysis BioMedical Technologist
  • CHN: Certified Hemodialysis Nurse
  • CPDN: Certified Peritoneal Dialysis Nurse

We also added Computer Based Testing (CBT), created a Spanish version of the CHT exam, started Regional Seminars to provide continuing education and administer a 4-year recertification process for our members. Click here, for a full history of BONENT.

Testimonial Video

Click here to watch the 45th Anniversary member testimonial video on the benefits of a BONENT certification.

Longest Certified Members

In our Winter 2019 newsletter, we will be featuring our longest, current certified members of BONENT - 4 with 40+ years of BONENT certification and 21 with 25-39 years of certification. Congratulations and thank you to all of them!

2019 Regional Seminar Dates Established

BONENT Regional Seminars have grown since their start in 2012. BONENT recently announced the dates of the 2019 Regional Seminars:

Major Recent Developments

  • 20th Regional Seminar: BONENT hosted three Regional Seminars in 2018 (Western, MidWest and Northeast), of which the final one in August was its 20th seminar since 2012;
  • New Website: In its continuing efforts to stay current and communicate with its members and future exam applicants, BONENT revamped its website to a completely new look, with updated and easier-to understand content at www.BONENT.org with more than 170 web pages.
  • The BONENT Store: BONENT promotional items are always a hot commodity at conferences and seminars. They have recently been made available for purchase on the BONENT website;
  • Minimum Work Experience Change: After listening to our members, ESRD partners and renal community, in 2018, BONENT changed the minimum work experience to sit for the CHT (Certified Hemodialysis Technologist) and the CHBT (Certified Hemodialysis BioMedical Technologist) exam, from twelve months to six months.

Mission Statement

After much work in 2017, the BONENT Board of Directors agreed on an updated Mission, Vision and Values statement.

  • Mission: To promote excellence in nursing and technology globally through credentialing exams that enhance the care of patients with kidney disease.
  • Vision: All nurses and technicians working in the field of nephrology will be BONENT certified.
  • Values: Collaboration, Integrity, Excellence
    • Collaborate: BONENT will collaborate with its certified members to create and foster a culture of excellence and innovation in their dialysis work environment.
    • Integrity: BONENT will conduct its administrative, testing and business affairs by upholding the highest ethical values, principles and security.
    • Excellence: BONENT will continually strive to produce and enhance its credentialing exams that are the highest regarded in nephrology.

For More Information

For more information, please contact BONENT:

Executive Director: Peter Anas at 202-462-1252 ext. 3 or at peter@BONENT.org
President: RJ Picciano at 315-440-0601 or at president@BONENT.org

BONENT is an international non-profit organization of registered nurses and technicians dedicated to the promotion and advancement of excellence in the field of nephrology, through highly specialized credentialing exams and continuing education programs. It has over 7,000 certified members in 13 countries worldwide and growing.