Fanya Zalipsky

Congratulations to Fanya Zalipsky, CHT, Centers for Dialysis Care, recipient of the
2005 Wesley Watkins Scholarship Award.

“Professional Boundaries as it Relates to Patient Care”

Professional boundaries are of great importance when it relates to patient care. The purpose of dialysis professionals is to take care of the sick and attend to their needs. In order to establish a positive, professional, patient care relationship, the dialysis staff should following a few guidelines by their facilities.

Every facility should have its own policies and procedures. The dialysis staff should not intentionally harm a patient, whether it is physical or emotional pain. They should listen to the patients — it is a sign of respect, and not talk over them.

Confidentiality of information about patients and their medical problems should not be told to any individuals outside of the work environment. If one should have the need to discuss patient’s private information, they need verbal or written permission to do so. Patients should be treated by professionals respectfully, regardless of race or ethnicity, sexual preference, and religious orientation. The dialysis professionals are teachers and should answer questions from patients but if they do not know an answer, they should refer patients to individuals who can help them. Patients may tell the dialysis staff personal information, but the professionals should not unload details to patients. If they are unhappy with a certain circumstance, they should tell a supervisor not a patient.

Dialysis staff should keep things private with personal questions they ask the sick; they should not exchange money with patients, and should not have any romantic relationships with them. Friendliness and courteousness should always be exemplified towards patients. Even if a staff member has a bad day, they should put the problem aside and act friendly. The role of dialysis professionals is to represent themselves as employees with the dialysis centers. Patient care should be the top priority of the dialysis staff and by being professional, positive patient staff relationships can arise.

Fanya Zalipsky
Centers for Dialysis Care
BONENT Member since 1997

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