BONENT 2022 Midwest Regional Seminar

Midwest Regional Seminar


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BONENT Seminar photo



Bonent Virtual Seminar

Professionalism in Dialysis Care: How to manage diversity in a changing world

Kay N. Gardner, RN, BS, CHN BONENT Board of Directors

Bonent Virtual Seminar

Generational Differences and Patient Connection

How to Bring Out the Best in Your Team? Anupama Mohanram, MD, MPH, FASN Physician Major Hospital, Shelbyville Indiana

Bonent Virtual Seminar

Secrets from a Dialysis Vascular Specialist

Part 1: Strengthening your Vascular Access Program Learn about a systematic, interdisciplinary approach to ensure every patient can succeed on Hemodialysis; how getting selective about where accesses are placed and who creates them/ works on them can improve patient outcomes; common traits of successful AV Accesses and AV Access programs; what you can do to help.

Part 2: Troubleshooting Common Hemodialysis Vascular Access Issues Gain a useful overview of the typical causes of frequently encountered problems with dialysis fistulas, grafts, and catheters, along with a discussion of techniques and methods used to treat them. Sanjay Mohindra, MD Medical Director Access Advantage of Indianapolis

Bonent Regional Seminar

Surfacer to Super HeRO: An option to move patients off of Tunneled Dialysis Catheters

What if you could reliably and repeatedly access the Right Internal Jugular Vein and avoid using other veins which compromise permanent AV access? AND…What if you could reduce femoral dialysis catheters and provide patients with a solution clinically proven to maintain long- term access for hemodialysis patients with central venous stenosis? Then this is the lecture for you! Kristin Bodkin Clinical Specialist, Merit Medical

Bonent Virtual Seminar

Entity of CKD Malnutrition

Protein Energy Wasting (PEW) is a multi-factorial syndrome that significantly affects dialysis patients’ clinical outcomes. Learn about PEW prevalence, causes, and impact on morbidity and mortality in ESRD patients. An evaluation of current approaches and obstacles in addressing PEW in this population is also discussed. Trisha Fuhrman, MS, RDN, LDN, FAND, FASPEN Clinical Liaison Lead Pentec Health

Bonent Regional Seminar

Dialysis Machine Alarm Evolution and Management

Learn how to define alarm responsibility and identify the classifications of machine states. We will discuss regulatory updates and evolution of alarm programmatic design, alarm occurrences and mode, staff reaction to alarms and the potential impact to patient outcomes and consequences. Learn improved clinical/technical communication and examples of technology advances. Joseph Sala Senior Director Mount Sinai Kidney Programs

Bonent Regional Seminar

Emergency Management for the BioMed Technician

Biomedical Staff are essential to Emergency Management in Dialysis. This presentation includes a basic review of the Condition for Emergency Preparedness; responsibilities within In-Center Programs, Home Therapy, as well as Supply Chain/Logistics and staffing challenges presented by the global pandemic. Joseph Sala Senior Director Mount Sinai Kidney Programs