BONENT Fall 2021 Virtual Seminar

Virtual Seminar

Sunday, September 26, 2021

9 am ET - 5 pm ET

Join your dialysis colleagues virtually and get 8 hours of Continuing Education credits - all in one day! Presentations from some of our best speakers from past BONENT seminars will include Clinical and
BioMed topics.


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Presentations Overview and Schedule


9:00 AM

Advancing Dialysis Infection Prevention​

Infection prevention and control are essential elements of safety and quality care within the dialysis environment. This presentation will review some everyday infection prevention steps staff can take to improve infection prevention within the outpatient dialysis facility.
Stephanie Booth CCHT, HCA, CIC
Infection Prevention
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

10:00 AM

Every Day Hero

A brief overview of the HeRO graft and how it can be utilized to improve your patient’s lives by greatly reducing infection rates and increasing dialysis efficiency, while helping you reduce your number of catheter dependencies and save money in the process.
JD Craig
Clinical Specialist
Merit Medical

11:00 AM - 5 minute break

11:07 AM

End Organ Stunning

Learn about the blood flow and oxygen extraction to the heart and brain during dialysis, along with options to protect the heart and brain of the dialysis patient. Hear the causes of hypotension and hypoxia in the dialysis patient.
Anne Diroll, RN, CNN
Anemia Manager

11:09 PM

Emergency Preparedness for Dialysis (BIOMED)

Learn with a high overview of CMS requirements and from Doc’s experiences with emergency preparedness for dialysis.
Doc Berryhill
Biomed Group Director

12:00 PM - Lunch Break (15 Minutes)

12:15 PM

Secrets from a Dialysis Vascular Specialist:
PART 1: Strengthening Your Vascular Access Program

Learn a systematic, interdisciplinary approach to ensure every patient can succeed on Hemodialysis.
Sanjay Mohindra, MD
Medical Director
Dialysis Vascular Specialists of Indiana

1:15 PM

Secrets from a Dialysis Vascular Specialist:
PART 2: Troubleshooting Common Dialysis Access Issues

Gain a useful overview of typical causes of frequently encountered problems with dialysis fistulas, grafts, and catheters and he will discuss techniques used to treat them.
Sanjay Mohindra, MD
Medical Director
Dialysis Vascular Specialists of Indiana

1:15 PM

Dialysis Machine Alarm Evolution and Management (BIOMED)

Learn how to define alarm responsibility and identify the classifications of machine states. We will discuss regulatory updates and evolution of alarm programmatic design, alarm occurrences and mode, staff reaction to alarms and the potential impact to patient outcomes and consequences. Learn improved clinical/technical communication and examples of technology advances.
Joseph Sala
Senior Director
Mount Sinai Kidney Programs

2:10 PM - 5 minute break

2:15 PM

Emergency Preparedness for the Dialysis Technician

We will define and review the CMS condition for emergency preparedness and contrast the importance of preparation rather than reaction. Hear examples of functional exercises.
Learn the biomedical and patient care technician roles in emergency preparedness, as we present examples of ESRD coalition education and preparedness activity.
Joseph Sala
Senior Director
Mount Sinai Kidney Programs

3:15 PM

The Patient Experience: Satisfaction, Outcomes, and IDT Harmony

Learn to understand and define what contributes to the patient experience, engagement and satisfaction, the importance of interdisciplinary team harmony. We will also describe the effect on your facility rankings.
Joseph Sala
Senior Director
Mount Sinai Kidney Programs

4:15 PM

Organ and Tissue Donation: Creating a Lasting Legacy

This presentation helps attendees understand the process of donation and the need for communities to participate in the process (transplant readiness and partnership with the dialysis center and transplant center) especially for communities of color. The critical need for donation and the need to start the conversations with loved ones before tragic circumstances happen, will be discussed.
Marion L Shuck, MA, MPhil
Vice President, Governmental and External Relations
Gift of Hope Organ and Tissue Donor Network