BONENT 2018 Western Regional Seminar

Western Regional Seminar

Sunday, April 22, 2018
San Mateo Marriott San Francisco Airport
1770 S. Amphlett Blvd., San Mateo, CA 94402

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BONENT Seminar photo
BONENT Seminar photo
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Presentations Overview

Clinical and Joint Sessions

Bonent Regional Seminar

My 30-Year Hemodialysis Journey & Why Understanding BioMed Saves my Life

To bring the importance of the Bio Med Technician to the patient condition. Your hands are in the lives of your patients every day and your job means life or death to them. Understanding what it means to our lives as patients, to have clean water, safe equipment and reliable machines makes you a better technician and a better person!
Troyce Crucchiola
Renal Educator

Bonent Regional Seminar

Education: A Must-have to Engage Patients to Improve Their Own Outcomes

This presentation will focus on how to teach patients to be active participants in their daily dialysis self- management tasks such as making good food choices, getting a vascular access and taking their medications.
Dori Schatell, MS
Executive Director, Medical Education Institute, Inc.

Bonent Regional Seminar

Infection Prevention in the Dialysis Setting

This presenter will discuss infection prevention strategies. The focus of the discussion will include strategies such as patient engagement, the CDC 9 core interventions and various infection prevention auditing tools.
Jane Wilson, MSN, RN, CNN, RD
Quality Improvement Director, Health Services Advisory Group, ERSD Network 17

Bonent Regional Seminar

End Organ Stunning

Describe the unseen damage to hearts and brains on dialysis
Anne Diroll, RN, CNN, CLNC
Per Diem RN/Anemia Manager, FMC

Bonent Regional Seminar

Professionalism and the Role of the Technician

The presentation will look at the history of the technician’s role and how it has evolved throughout the renal industry over the past several decades, as well as its current status and and future possibilities
Joe Sala, BSc, Ed, CWS, CWR
Administrator, Mount Sinai Kidney

Bonent Regional Seminar

Emergency Planning and Response

Safe dialysis treatments require a care team, power, water, equipment, and an intact building, at the very least. Any of these can be interrupted by a local or regional emergency. These events may be rare - but since dialysis is life-saving treatment, it is vital to be prepared.
Lisa Hall, MSSW, LICSW
Patient Services Director, ESRD Network 16

Bonent Regional Seminar

A New Way to Treat Anemia

Learn why Triferic is the only FDA indicated for iron replacement and hemoglobin maintenance in adult CKD HD patients.
Michael Morales, MHA/ED, CHT, CHBT, CDWS, CCHT-A
Rockwell Medical

Biomedical Session

Bonent Regional Seminar

CWP and WRO300H Overview

Learn the features and benefits of the CWP central system RO as well as the 300H portable RO.
Dan Bear
Regional Account Manager, Mar Cor

Bonent Regional Seminar

Biomed A-Z: Tips Learned Over 25 Years of Biomed Service

Learn the tricks that will make CMS surveys better and the operational staff love you!
Chris Sack, CHT
Area Technical Operations Manager, Fresenius Kidney Care

Bonent Regional Seminar

Machine Alarms - What’s All the Noise About?

Learn about dialysis machine alarm classifications, the actions needed to remedy them, and their relevance to patient treatment outcomes.
Joe Sala, BSc, Ed, CWS, CWR
Administrator, Mount Sinai Kidney

Bonent Regional Seminar

Electrical Safety Testing

Learn the reasons and importance of proper electrical safety testing. Shock hazards vary in severity and range from a tingling sensation to a lethal jolt. Identifying, correcting, and eliminating shock hazards are the primary reasons for electrical safety testing.
Jason Hong, BMET III
President, EBS Medical, LLC