BONENT 2018 Northeast Regional Seminar

northeast seminar

Sunday, August 19, 2018
DoubleTree by Hilton Newark Airport
128 Frontage Road, Newark, NJ 07114

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BONENT Seminar photo
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Presentations Overview

Clinical and Joint Sessions

Bonent Regional Seminar

The New World of Vascular Access

Learn the changes occurring in hemodialysis with regards to vascular access creation, new needle designs, and access devices to all for more successful cannulation of permanent accesses.
Lynda K. Ball MSN, RN, CNN
Quality Improvement Director, ESRD Network 13

Bonent Regional Seminar

Professionalism and the Role of the Technician

The presentation will look at the history of the technician’s role and how it has evolved throughout the renal industry over the past several decades, as well as its current status and and future possibilities
Joe Sala, BSc, Ed, CWS, CWR
Administrator, Mount Sinai Kidney

Bonent Regional Seminar

Part 1: Women’s Sexuality and Fertility

Part 2: Men’s Sexuality and Fertility

Learn how standard in-center hemodialysis can affect sexuality and fertility in both women and men—and what can help, including peritoneal dialysis and home hemodialysis.
Dori Schatell, MS
Executive Director, Medical Education Institute, Inc.

Bonent Regional Seminar

Renal Network Overview

Learn about CMS Regulations related to Quality Improvement, ESRD Networks and CMS, Role of the ESRD Network, Network 2018 Projects and Activities.
Karen Ripkey BSN, RN, CNN
Quality Improvement Coordinator
Renal Network 3

Bonent Regional Seminar

Making Dialysis Safer For Patients: A Closer Look at Infection Control

Explore and discuss infection control practices in dialysis facilities to reduce infections and how technicians and nurses can make a difference. We will be discussing best practice infection control practices including, but not limited to background information on infections, basic infection prevention practices to reduce infection, and use of audit tools and checklists to improve care.
Stephanie Booth, HCA
Infection Control Educator, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Bonent Regional Seminar

Influences on Appetite & Nutrient Intake in CKD-5 Dialysis

Learn factors that influence appetite and/or dietary intake in CKD-5 Dialysis such as general factors; dialysis treatment and renal diet; uremia and inflammation.
Lisa Jones, MA, RDN, LDN
Director, Renal Clinical Learning & Business Development, Pentec Health

Biomedical Session

Bonent Regional Seminar

Machine Alarms - What’s All the Noise About?

Learn about dialysis machine alarm classifications, the actions needed to remedy them, and their relevance to patient treatment outcomes.
Joe Sala, BSc, Ed, CWS, CWR
Administrator, Mount Sinai Kidney

Bonent Regional Seminar

Ensuring Safe Water

Learn now to ensure that water going to the facility is safe enough for patient care.
Rich Benner, Certified Water Specialist
Senior Manager, Strategic Accounts, Mar Cor Purification

Bonent Regional Seminar

Infection Control for the BioMed Tech

Learn what to be aware of as a BioMed Tech for proper infection control.
Dennis Schell, CHT, OCDT
Clinical Specialist, Mar Cor