BONENT 2013 Great Lakes Regional Seminar

Sunday, April 7, 2013
Cleveland Ohio

great lakes seminar

The BONENT Great Lakes Seminar held in Cleveland Ohio on April 7th 2013 was a very dynamic continuing education program that kept captive attention of its attendees, coming from 11 different states. “All of the topics were so conducive to our practices as clinicians” said John Larsen CHT, Seminar Chair.

He cited the presentations on Access Management delivered by Lynda K. Ball and how Dori Schatell spoke about home therapies. John also gave a presentation entitled “What is Your Passion”. Marilynn Bartucci spoke about Professionalism and Protecting Your License. Dr. Brian Haag spoke about Management of the Dialysis Access and when you are to refer to the surgeon. And with all the access talk, Patrick O’Hara spoke of the HeRO Graft and what type of patient is a good candidate. Dr. Richard Ward delivered a powerful talk on Ultrapure Dialysate. A full description of all presentations are shown below on this page.

“After attending the Great Lakes Seminar and receiving 7.5 CEs in one day, I would not want to miss the next one” said one of the attendees - referring to the BONENT Northeast Regional Seminar to be held in Newark New Jersey on Sunday, August 18th.

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BONENT Seminar photo
BONENT Seminar photo

Presentations Overview

Bonent Regional Seminar

Access Management: The Art of Making Vascular Accesses Last (Parts 1 & 2)

Lynda, an internationally recognized vascular access expert, will look at the importance of routinely managing vascular access in a way that minimizes damage and prolongs the life of the access. A review of simple changes to cannulation practice will be reviewed utilizing the KDOQI Clinical Practice Guidelines.
Lynda K. Ball, MSN, RN, CNN
Vascular Access Specialist
Fresenius Medical Services

Bonent Regional Seminar

Talking to Your Patients About Home Therapies & How Not To

Learn about the impact of home dialysis —PD and HD—on aspects of your patients’ lifestyles, including diet and fluids, medications, work, travel, sexuality & fertility. You can use “teachable moments” to help your patients understand how home treatments may be a good fit for their lives.
Dori Schatell, MS
Executive Director
Medical Education Institute

Bonent Regional Seminar

What is Your Passion?

John will speak about how he helped the acute nurse start his father on dialysis. He will articulate why dialysis is his passion and how it became more so after his father. Hear what it felt like to be the family receiving the bad news instead of being one of the participants to deliver the bad news to our dialysis patient’s family.
John Larsen CHT
FMC Terre Haute

Bonent Regional Seminar

Professionalism and Social Media: Protecting Your License

This presentation includes a discussion of professionalism, boundaries, social media, and strategies to protect the divide between personal and professional relationships.
Marilynn Bartucci, MSN, APRN, BC, CCTC
Clinical Instructor Medical-Surgical Nursing
Case Western Reserve University
Bolton School of Nursing

Bonent Regional Seminar

Management of the Dialysis Access

Assessing Vascular Access 2 and when do you refer to the surgeon.
Brian Haag, MD
Transplant Surgeon/Vascular Access Surgeon
Methodist Hospital, Indianapolis, IN

Bonent Regional Seminar

Ultrapure Dialysate: Why, When & How

This presentation defines ultrapure dialysate and summarize the evidence supporting its use for routine dialysis treatments. The basics of preparing ultrapure dialysate and maintaining ultrapure quality in everyday practice will also be reviewed.
Richard A. Ward, Ph.D.
Professor of Medicine, University of Louisville

Bonent Regional Seminar

HeRO Graft

Learn who is a good candidate for HeRO graft.
Patrick O’Hara
Dialysis Therapy Representative
Cryolife (Hemosphere, Inc.)