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BONENT adheres to the premise that certification not only promotes excellence in the quality of care of the nephrology patient, it ensures safe, competent practitioners in nephrology nursing and technology.

Initial certification is the result of having successfully passed the BONENT certification examination.

How Often Must You Renew?
Recertification is required every four years. Certification is valid from the date the candidate originally passed the examination. Documentation is due within 30 days of the recertification date to avoid revocation of the credential. Faxed Recertification Applications or booklets will NOT be accepted.

Once we receive your recertification application or booklet, it will take approximately 4 weeks for the approval process. After approval, you will receive a new BONENT wallet card in the mail.

A 30-day grace period will be allowed after the certification renewal date expires before the candidate's certification is considered lapsed. Lapsed candidates have two options:

How to Recertify
Initial certification is the result of having successfully passed the BONENT certification examination and is valid for four years from the date the candidate originally passed the examination. In order to continue certification beyond the initial four-year period, you must recertify using one of the following three options:

  1. Accumulation of 40 Contact Hours
    Recertification for the BONENT-certified candidate using this option means that at least forty (40) contact hours during the four year certification process must be obtained.
    • A minimum of 30 out of the 40 contact hours must qualify for Group A
    • BONENT members eligible for recertification will only be required to complete the one-page Recertification Application and submit it to the BONENT Executive Office. The application will be the only paperwork required to complete recertification. It is recommended that all members continue to complete the "Contact Hours for Recertification" booklet and keep their certificates to help track your courses and number of contact hours.


  2. Re-Examination
    This option should be accomplished during the fourth year of BONENT certification. A schedule of examination dates and sites is available on this website. The examination fee must be paid at the time the individual registers for the examination. Taking the exam does not exempt you from paying the annual fee. If you pass the exam, you will receive a new BONENT wallet card in the mail.


  3. One-time Waiver
    Use the one-time waiver which allows you to automatically recertify without having to accumulate 40 contact hours. This option can only be used once in a lifetime.

Lapsed or Expired Certification
Click for more details.

Formula for Calculating Contact Hours
  • One contact hour = sixty (60) minutes of classroom instruction
  • One semester credit = fifteen (15) contact hours
  • One quarter credit = ten (10) contact hours

To maintain a BONENT certification, nurses and technologists/technicians are required to pay an Annual Certification Fee of $60. There are two payment options — annually (@ $60), or four years in advance ($200). If fees are NOT received by the due date, a $10/yr. late fee will apply in the first three years after certification and $20 in the fourth year.

There is NO extra fee for the Recertification process and wallet card in the fourth year, but the annual Certification fee is still applicable.

Returned Check Fee
A $80 Returned Check Fee is assessed for any returned checks for Insufficient Funds.

Incomplete Fee
Incomplete Recertification Applications will be assessed a $60 incomplete application fee.

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Bonent Board of Nephrology Examiners Nursing Technology