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Locations & Schedule
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PPE Examination Schedule
2018 BONENT Certification Examination Schedule for Paper & Pencil Exams (PPE)

The Paper & Pencil Exam (PPE) schedule below is updated weekly.
Please check this page for updates to this list.

The PPE schedule below is a completely different list than the Computer-Based Testing (CBT) list.

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*Applications received after the deadline will NOT be accepted.
Date Time City Location Received by Deadline*
Jan. 78:00 AMCanfield, OHCenter for Dialysis Care11/23/17
Jan. 209:00 AMKissimmee, FLUtopia Health Career Center12/06/17
Jan. 2811:00 AMLancaster, CAPlush Systems12/14/17
Feb. 48:00 AMToledo, OHUniversity of Toledo Medical Center12/21/17
Feb. 179:00 AMKissimmee, FLUtopia Health Career Center01/03/18
Feb. 2310:00 AMChicago, ILMidwestern Career College01/09/18
Mar. 48:00 AMCleveland, OHCenter for Dialysis Care01/18/18
Mar. 109:00 AMFlushing, NYCUNY01/24/18
Mar. 1610:00 AMChicago, ILMidwestern Career College01/29/18
Mar. 179:00 AMKissimmee, FLUtopia Health Career Center01/31/18
Apr. 88:00 AMCanfield, OHCenter for Dialysis Care02/22/18
Apr. 149:00 AMFlushing, NYCUNY02/28/18
Apr. 2010:00 AMChicago, ILMidwestern Career College03/06/18
Apr. 219:00 AMSan Jose, CATBD03/07/18
Apr. 3010:00 AMMacon, GACentral Georgia Technical College03/16/18
May 68:00 AMToledo, OHUniversity of Toledo Medical Center03/22/18
May 129:00 AMFlushing, NYCUNY03/28/18
May 159:00 AMHyderabad, IndiaNephrocare Health Services03/16/18
Jun. 38:00 AMCleveland, OHCenter for Dialysis Care04/19/18
Jun. 99:00 AMChicago, ILChicago Marriott SW at Burr Ridge04/25/18
Jun. 99:00 AMFlushing, NYCUNY04/25/18
Jun. 281:00 PMMacon, GACentral Georgia Technical College05/14/18
Jun. 309:00 AMHouston, TXAlmeda Clinic05/16/18
Jul. 18:00 AMCanfield, OHCenter for Dialysis Care05/17/18
Jul. 149:00 AMFlushing, NYCUNY05/30/18
Jul. 2710:00 AMChicago, ILMidwestern Career College06/12/18
Aug. 49:00 AMKissimmee, FLUtopia Health Career Center06/20/18
Aug. 58:00 AMToledo, OHUniversity of Toledo Medical Center06/21/18
Aug. 119:00 AMFlushing, NYCUNY06/27/18
Aug. 189:00 AMNewark, NJTBD07/05/18
Aug. 2012:00 PMMacon, GACentral Georgia Technical College07/06/18
Aug. 2410:00 AMChicago, ILMidwestern Career College07/10/18
Sep. 89:00 AMFlushing, NYCUNY07/25/18
Sep. 89:00 AMKissimmee, FLUtopia Health Career Center07/25/18
Sep. 98:00 AMCleveland, OHCenter for Dialysis Care07/26/18
Sep. 2710:00 AMMacon, GACentral Georgia Technical College08/13/18
Oct. 69:00 AMKissimmee, FLUtopia Health Career Center08/22/18
Oct. 78:00 AMCanfield, OHCenter for Dialysis Care08/23/18
Oct. 139:00 AMFlushing, NYCUNY08/29/18
Oct. 2610:00 AMChicago, ILMidwestern Career College09/11/18
Nov. 111:00 AMMacon, GACentral Georgia Technical College09/17/18
Nov. 48:00 AMCleveland, OHCenter for Dialysis Care09/20/18
Nov. 109:00 AMFlushing, NYCUNY09/26/18
Nov. 109:00 AMKissimmee, FLUtopia Health Career Center09/26/18
Dec. 28:00 AMToledo, OHUniversity of Toledo Medical Center10/18/18
Dec. 89:00 AMFlushing, NYCUNY10/24/18
Dec. 89:00 AMKissimmee, FLUtopia Health Career Center10/24/18
Dec. 89:00 AMHouston, TXAlmeda Clinic10/24/18
Dec. 119:00 AMMacon, GACentral Georgia Technical College10/26/18
Jan. 199:00 AMKissimmee, FLUtopia Health Career Center12/05/18

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